What rhymes with a$$? SAC Week 4 Challenge- Edgy Country

Finally week 4 Country!!! I was so excited until they took away all our toys. Write an edgy song for a male artist in his 20s; no trucks, no partying, no marriage, no kids, no hanging out with your buddies. Okay this is country what’s left? The dog I guess. lol. Surprisingly I was able to come up with not 1 but 2 songs that I am very proud of. A good old fashioned heart break song and a rocking tune about working in the oil patch. My rig song may be a little offensive but it’s definitely edgy I think. I had a difficult time trying to find a way to tell his girlfriend to kiss his a$$ but I think I managed to get the point across. One major factor from this competition is that I need guitar lessons, badly. My writing is so limited by this. No wonder I write so many ballads!

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