Song Jeopardy- Week 3 of SAC Challenge

Pink Balloon. Marshmallow zoo. What are- words I never thought I’d ever put in a song! This week’s challenge was a huge first for me- writing a commercial. A kid’s commercial and it was….FUN! I was lucky enough to have a break between piano students one night and I was messing around with the a lead sheet of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”, a song requested by one of my students. I started playing around with some of the chords, then I started to swing it, then I started whistling the tune and in minutes I had written the song. All I needed was the perfect voice. I was reading a lot about collaboration so I reached out to a young singer songwriter who’s voice had intrigued me  after to listening to some of her projects. Her and her family were so supportive of the song and did a great job of recording it so thanks to the youthful and talented Mikalyn Hay for lending her voice to my project. Enjoy!

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