Pop? You mean pop goes my head!!! I guess that’s why two are better than one.

This week’s challenge has been well, a challenge. The song pitch is for producer Rob Wells, for an up tempo quirky female pop song for the 13-18 year old demographic. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t write anything that didn’t sound retarded or like Blue Rodeo, sigh..Jim Cuddy……oh sorry I was lost in a “moment”. Luckily for me there was an undiscovered Disney Princess out there (once you hear our song you’ll understand where this comes from) that breathes pop and we were able to collaborate late into the night Friday and put something together that if it doesn’t impress Rob Wells, will certainly have Disney knocking on our door. Song demo will be ready Sunday.

Many other songwriters posted some articles that I found very helpful through this process and have salvaged the song writer ego after a frustrating week. One was about pushing through the bad material as it is a process that we all have to move through. Got to trudge through the sand to get to clear water right? I was frustrated on a song I was writing for a Nashville project and was ready to give up when I read this article. It encouraged me to keep pushing through and finally voila! I think I have ended up where I wanted with that song. My creative brain feels like it’s gone through a full 12 rounds but no time to rest quite yet. Matt Dusk is still waiting for his next hit, so onward I go!

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