Songwriter and Mental Health Survivor

It’s funny how life does the driving for you. It turns you in a totally different direction before you’ve even realized it had the wheel all along. It can be a humbling experience, realizing you’re not always in control. But sometimes it can be the detour that you’ve needed all along. You were too forward focused to see the forest lining the highway. If it were left to you to map your route you would probably choose your destination and the straightest line to it. You don’t allow for any “points of interest”, roadside dining gems or historical walks. Point A to B, that’s it. If your car gets a flat, you fix it, dust yourself off and keep going, never looking around and realizing that where you broke down was right where you needed to be. Point B was your want, not necessarily your need. It can be a frustrating experience to keep breaking down trying to get to Point B, so I stopped fighting it. When I took a moment to look around where I thought I was stranded, I realized that I was going in the wrong direction in the first place.

This is my story. My life and my music. I am a song writer and mental health survivor. What I was before and where I was headed no longer matters.

Cheers, Lynn

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